Build, test, and deploy your code right from Codegiant with our built-in CI/CD platform.

Automated builds and tests

Trigger a pipeline manually, programatically, or on any event. Easily define and orchestrate how job execution (build, test, deploy) is run and automate deployments.

Full language support

Codegiant Pipelines supports Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Go, Rust, .NET, and many more. Build, test, and deploy applications in your preferred language.

Live logs

Watch your pipeline run in real-time. Instantly track failures as they occur.

Built-in secret store

Protect sensitive data with our built-in secret store that only your pipeline can access.

Native Tekton support

Our CI/CD Platform is built on top of Tekton. Run Tekton tasks and pipelines directly inside of Codegiant.

Community-powered recipes

Discover and search reusable Tekton tasks and pipelines through Tekton Hub.

Build, test, and deploy.