Tools for development teams

Codegiant provides a fully integrated workflow for developers.

Issue Tracker

One of the most intuitive and performant issue trackers on the market. Choose from two project styles: simple kanban workboards or active sprint focused workboards.

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Git Repositories

A fully hosted Git platform that makes it easy to collaborate with your team. Approve and review code more efficiently with merge requests and code reviews.

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A fully intergrated Continuous Delivery framework within your Git repository. Create custom workflows and pipelines using YAML files, and build your software on any stack.

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Publishable Documentation

Collaborate, write and publish documents online with our rich text editor. Brand your document with a custom logo.

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DevOps with Metrics

Get full visibility into your production deployments. Identify trends and bottlenecks in your Continuous Delivery process.

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Serverless Workloads

Run serverless workloads on Codegiant using Knative and our Kubernetes cloud. Deploy serverless applications from Codegiant.

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Trusted by thousands of developers worldwide

Streamline your development process

Codegiant provides a powerful workflow and a simple user experience.

Plan and deliver
faster development cycles

Our intuitive issue tracker and blazing fast Git repositories help you plan and deliver faster.

Built-in continuous delivery

Configure your repository to test your code automatically on every commit. Run jobs in parallel.

Automated releases,
and rollbacks

Setup up automated deployments or manually deploy to any environment. Rollback to a previous deployment in one click.