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Codegiant is an all-in-one workspace for your entire team. Plan, build, and ship great software alongside thousands of other teams.

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5 out of 5

Everything in one workspace

Plan Projects, organize tasks, communicate, document, develop, test, deploy, monitor, improve.

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Issue tracker

Collaborate with your team and meet your deadlines. Choose from kanban boards or scrum boards and customize your workflow.


Git repositories

A fully hosted Git platform with an integrated IDE. Approve and review code more efficiently with merge requests and code reviews.



Build, test and deploy with Codegiant's built-in CI/CD. Our CI/CD tool is built on top of the Tekton platform. Trigger a pipeline on a merge request or commit and Codegiant will handle the rest.


Serverless workflows

Codegiant's serverless compute platform allows you to run code without provisioning a server. Create, version, and run sequences of functions with our built-in serverless IDE.



Collaborate and publish documents with your team. Create API documentation, knowledge bases, status pages, etc. Auto-generate API documentation with our graphql importer.