Build Software Faster

Features that help your team develop and deploy software faster.

Issue Tracker

Codegiant offers two types of issue tracker templates.

Git Repositories

Private Git code management.


Codegiant has a Web IDE that sits on top of each Git repository. Collaborate and commit from within the Web IDE in real-time.

You can easily import existing repositories from Github, Bitbucket, hosted Git servers or SVN to Codegiant.

Collaborate On Code

Blazing Fast Performance

Codegiant performs much faster than the competition. Our platform has been built with performance in mind. Diffs are instant and so are commit logs.

Merge Requests

Merge requests improve your team's workflow by facilitating code reviews and sharing knowledge amongst your team, which results in higher quality code.


Use inline comments, threaded conversations, and mentions to collaborate with your team, right in your code. Control access to your repository to make sure the right people are working on the right things.

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Continuous Integration

Built-in CI/CD with automated deployments.

Built-in continuous delivery

Integrated CI/CD that allows concurrent jobs. Easily define and orchestrate how job execution (build, test, deploy) is run and automate deployments. Rollback to a previous deployment with one-click.

Codegiant CI supports native Docker, Kubernetes and the Knative engine.

Publishable Documentation

Collaborate with your team and publish documents.

Rich text features with markdown

Create API documentation, status pages, knowledge bases, product roadmaps, etc. Upload your logo and press publish - it's that easy. Once published, you will receive a public URL for your document.