Spin up production-like dev environments in the cloud for every developer.

Development environments

Faster and better development

Get straight to developing with instant development environments that look like production.

Faster onboarding

Spend less time configuring local development environments and onboard developers faster.

Works with any application

Run any application in your codepod. Codegiant uses the Devfile specification to run containerized applications.

Merge code faster

Codepods work on any commit or merge request so that you can live test changes instantly.

Preview environments

Shareable preview environments

Preview environments give you a sharable URL so you and everyone on your team can view the changes deployed before they get merged. This leads to better and faster review cycles and ensures that the review process is not limited to just developers.

VS Code built-in

The most popular IDE

Codepods come bundled with VS Code so that you can get started developing with no extra configuration.

Community powered recipes

Pre-built Codepod templates

Choose from a library of community built Codepod recipes.