Issue Tracker

Track issues, increase team productivity, and deliver on time.


Get more done

Add priority, labels, estimates, issue relations, references and due dates to your issues to give more context.

Parent and child issues

Break larger tasks down into smaller pieces with child issues.

Story points or time tracking

Track your issues by story points or time.

Markdown editor

Issue descriptions and comments support full Markdown.

Real-time & fast

Designed to be real-time and blazing fast.

Active sprints

For teams that prefer an Agile workflow

Use the active sprint workflow to deliver faster. Create epics, sprints, and add issues to your backlog.


Manage your backlog of issues and schedule sprints accordingly.


Associate issues with Epics. Epics can last through several sprint cycles.


For teams that prefer a Kanban style workflow

Customize boards and cards to fit any workflow.


Plan the road ahead

Keep track of your project goals by epic, sprint or status. Plan ahead and get a complete picture of where your team stands. Measure bandwidth across your team members to scope future work.


Progress insights

View reports with real-time and actionable insights. Track your team's progress with burndown charts, and many other useful data points.

Git integrations

Automatically link commits to issues

Issues are automatically connected to all Git repositories across your workspace. Update/close issues, and move them between boards with a single commit message.


Customize labels

Create custom issue statuses, labels, priorities and more.

Custom workflows

Automate tasks and workflows

Trigger custom behavior based on issue updates.