Git Repositories

Collaborate with your team, review, merge and deploy great code.

Code Reviews

Deliver quality code

Collaborate in real-time and review code with your team. Merge confidently and deliver high quality code.


Preview changes in context with your code to see what is being proposed. Side-by-side Diffs highlight added, edited, and deleted code right next to the original file, so you can easily spot changes.


Browse commits, comments, and references related to your merge request in a timeline-style interface.


See what a file looked like before a particular change. With blame view, you can see how any portion of your file has evolved over time without viewing the file's full history.


Comment on code in real-time with the rest of your team.


Require merge requests to be approved by a reviewer.


Secure your code

Detailed scanning and reports are provided on every commit.

30+ languages supported

Codegiant uses the Semgrep engine to continuously scan code. Rules are always updated and follow the most up-to-date practices. Over 30 languages are supported.

Secret scanning

Secret scanning is built-in to every codescan.

Custom rules

Easily create scanning rules for custom use cases.

Permissions & owners

Limit access

Control branch access for your team to ensure that team members have correct permissions to access your code.

CI/CD pipelines

Release faster and more confidently

Use Codegiant's integrated CI/CD platform to build, test and deploy faster.

Repository importer

One-click import

Quickly import Git repositories from other platforms or self-hosted locations.